Tips for Adminstrators

By leading your school in bullying prevention efforts, you can help create a safer, more positive learning environment.

  • Focus on the social environment of the school. It must become “uncool” to bully, “cool” to help out students who are bullied, and normal for staff and students to notice when a child is bullied or left out.
  • Assess bullying at your school by administering an anonymous questionnaire to students about bullying. You may be surprised by the amount of bullying that students experience, the types of bullying that are most common, or the “hot spots” where bullying happens.
  • Garner staff and parent support for bullying prevention.   To be most effective, bullying prevention efforts require buy-in from the majority of the staff and from parents.
  • Train your staff in bullying prevention. All administrators, faculty and staff should be trained in prevention and intervention.
  • Increase adult supervision in hot spots where bullying occurs. Bullying tends to thrive in locations where adults are not present or are not vigilant. Once school personnel have identified hot spots for bullying from the student questionnaires, look for creative ways to increase adults’ presence in these locations.
  • Intervene consistently and appropriately in bullying situations. Designated staff should hold sensitive follow-up meetings with children who are bullied and (separately) with children who bully. Staff should involve parents of affected students whenever possible.
  • Focus some class time on bullying prevention. Anti-bullying themes and messages also can be incorporated throughout the school curriculum.
  • Continue these efforts over time. There should be no “end date” for bullying prevention activities. Bullying prevention should be woven into the entire school environment.

This list has been adapted from a publication originally created for “Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now!” a campaign of the Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.