How Do I Report Gang Activity?

Everyone has a right to live in a safe neighborhood. The presence of criminal gangs is associated with threats such as assault and battery, burglary and retail crimes, illicit drug sales, illegal weapons possession, and vandalism. These problems won’t be fixed until the community takes a strong stand that such behaviors will not be tolerated. One step in that direction is to report crimes and suspicious criminal behavior. If gang-related activities go unchecked, gangs are free to terrorize individuals and communities.

Never attempt to confront a gang, or even tell gang members to leave the neighborhood. You could be seriously injured or even killed.

Report a Crime To Your Local Law Enforcement Agency

For life threatening emergencies and emergencies that require immediate police assistance: Dial 9-1-1 (Voice and TDD/TYY).  For non-emergency reporting, contact your local sheriff’s office or police department. Be prepared to provide a detailed description of what you witnessed when you call to report an incident. Local phone numbers can be found in the front of your local phone book, or through an internet search. Some communities have gang hotlines.

Report a Crime Anonymously

Anonymous means that nobody knows who you are and there is absolutely no way to find out. Crime Stoppers is a completely independent organization which allows you to provide tips or details of a crime without revealing your identify.
You can find local Crime Stoppers contact information through the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers links.