What Faith-based Organizations Can Do to Prevent Youth Violence:
  • Promote and participate with other groups and community coalitions for the prevention of youth violence.
  • Encourage children and adolescents to talk openly with responsible adults about their concerns about violence.
  • Provide or support parenting classes and programs that promote parent-child interaction.
  • Teach social tolerance, model ethical behavior, and promote parent-child interaction.
  • Establish a mentoring program to foster supportive relationships between youth and responsible adults.
  • Work with local law enforcement to provide creative alternatives to detention for children and teens.
  • Hold meetings and forums where concerned adults and children can come together to address-related issues in the -community.

Excerpted from The Commission for the Prevention of Youth Violence. Youth and Violence: Medicine, Nursing and Public Health: Connecting the Dots to Prevent Violence. Chicago: American Medical Association. 2000.