What Business and Civic Leaders Can Do to Prevent Youth Violence:
  • Promote and participate in community efforts to prevent youth violence.
  • Assign responsibility for prevention education, screening, and early intervention to an existing agency or coalition or establish a new public entity for this purpose.
  • Adopt a school and become involved in its programs and activities.
  • Develop creative arts and media competitions with an anti-violence theme.
  • Help students access job skill development, part-time employment, and internships.
  • Advocate for violence prevention and intervention program funding.
  • Ensure that all parents have access to affordable parenting skills programs.
  • Promote firearm safety to prevent firearm-related injuries to young people. This includes safe storage and handling as well as the removal of firearms from homes of children with mental health problems.
  • Develop scholarship programs to promote and reward academic success.
  • Encourage employees to become involved in school activities and provide the flexibility for them to do so.
  • Provide services, facilities, and equipment to enhance violence prevention and youth development programs in schools.
  • Serve as mentors for youth at risk for or involved in violence in the community.
  • Support Head Start programs for all children.
  • Ensure proper training and technical assistance for agencies serving children and families.
  • Promote a reduction in the amount of alcohol consumption in the community through environmental interventions such as limiting alcohol at sports events and increasing the cost of alcohol.
  • Provide foster homes and safe havens for abused children.
  • Provide local youth with opportunities for community service.

Excerpted from The Commission for the Prevention of Youth Violence. Youth and Violence: Medicine, Nursing and Public Health: Connecting the Dots to Prevent Violence. Chicago: American Medical Association. 2000.