What We Do

Our mission is to educate, engage, inspire, and empower youth to take action and bring about positive change for the purpose of preventing youth crime and violence, and create safe, healthy and thriving environments for children and families.  We achieve this by assessing, analyzing and addressing youth-violence prevention through multiple, broad based community strategies throughout the county.  We provide educational opportunities and empower the community with knowledge and skills to develop sustained change.  We influence civic decisions to leverage financial, media and policy resources in support of positive transformation of our community.

Our work is based on the importance of paying attention and listening to America’s young people.  Critical prevention focus components are:

  • Ensuring that youth has the opportunity to talk and connect with caring adults.
  • Building a nurturing and supportive environment in which healthy families can pursue long terms goals.
  • Strengthening neighborhoods which offer vital resources, formal and informal social networks, and public services.